Public Phone (Cinema 4D + Corona)

Angelo Ferretti
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This is a super high quality 3d models of a typical Italian public phone placed in a natural light setup, ready to render with Cinema 4D and Corona.

This product includes:
· C4D project files (full scene: 8 MB; 96.000 polygons)
· Natural light setup
· 35 Physical materials
· 64 high quality textures (68,4 MB; up to 4000px resolution)
· 7 Camera settings with depth of field
· Render settings and VFB settings
· FBX and OBJ interchange files with UVW maps

The scene is ready to render with Cinema 4D 2023 and Corona 9. The 100% of what you see in the rendering is created from scratch. The renders need no post-production.

All my Cinema 4D and Corona scenes are hand made polygon by polygon and include light setup, materials, textures, camera settings, final PSD with adjustment layers (if needed), furniture and props with a high level of detail. You can use them to improve your visualizations or learn from the files, moving inside the project, observing how light was created and handled, how materials are developed, and the values that fill every single option.

Read the Terms and Conditions to find out more about allowed uses of this product.
Feel free to contact me if you need any support or different file format:


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C4D project file (full scene: 8 MB; 96.000 polygons) • Texture folder (64 files, 68,4 MB)


Public Phone (Cinema 4D + Corona)

0 ratings
I want this!